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I broke a PPG world record and have to say that your plugs definitely helped

I just wanted to say thank you for your product, it has made a huge difference in my motor’s performance. Since I started using your spark plugs, I have noticed that I am burning less gas, my motor is running smoother and there is also an increase in power! The motor seems to start a lot easier as well. As you know, I broke a PPG world record over the weekend and have to say that having used your plugs definitely helped. I needed all the power I could get flying with all of that extra weight! I am very happy and have nothing but good things to say about your product. In addition to a great product, your customer service is awesome! When I needed a new set of plugs right away, you had them in the mail to me within hours! Thanks very much for all of your help and support.


Nirvana Sales North America

The 9.1% increase in rpms speaks for itself

I installed your plugs in my OMC 3.0L boat engine. Previously, the engine would max out at 4100 rpms. Now the engine maxes out at 4500 rpms.

I can’t speak for increased fuel economy, but it sure looks like horsepower is up. The 9.1% increase in rpms speaks for itself.

Lewis Leonard
Savannah, Georgia

I have converted all my riding buddies to Pulstar’s

Thanks I love the ones in my 2010 flhtc so much I have converted all my riding buddies to Pulstar’s in their bikes the opinion is all they same WOW!!! Just thought you would like to know…

Karl Moser
Conway SC

The transformation was simply remarkable

I have been riding and racing motorcycles for 50 years and currently perform most of my own service on my 2008 BMW R1200 GS. After installing the plugs (two per cylinder) I rode for about 200 miles. The transformation was simply remarkable – no misses at any load and rpm, no hesitation, improved response and power (seat-of-the-pants), improved smoothness, and no surging at all (my GS never did surge with the stock plugs). Fuel mileage seems to be improved as well, but needs more time for testing. The only open item will be the duration of these plugs in a horizontally opposed twin that tends to vibrate, although the motor runs much smoother than before at all rpms.

Although you do not spec plugs for the R1200 engine, I highly recommend using the Pulstar he1ht plugs in BMW bikes that use this motor. While you may not be able to officially endorse my recommendation, other BMW owners should benefit by using Pulstar plugs and need to know.

Thank you for developing a great product that works.
Edward Lauffer

A 6HP and 6 torque gain just changing the plugs

I’d like to tell you that your plugs do what you say they will do…I just had work done to my bike a 2003 Ultra Classic, the dyno runs came out with 104HP and 107 torque…after I put in your plugs and ran the dyno again it cam out with 110 HP and 113 torque. That’s a 6HP and 6 torque gain, outstanding just changing the plugs…keep up the good work!

Thanks Again
Ron Direnzo

What I experienced during the first few miles was just mind-blowing

When I heard from a friend last year about a new and exciting technology that would help save fuel while increasing torque and horsepower in a car or motorcycle, I first started laughing. Particularly when he referred to a new and revolutionary type of spark plug that’s already available in the market, I become very skeptical.

Why the heck should I not already have the best spark plugs in my Harley-Davidson VROD, the fastest cruiser on earth with an engine from Porsche Engineering?

Well, it must have been my friend’s ability and personal experience with Pulstar Plugs in his own vehicles and my never ending curiosity that caused me to check them out in my VROD.

So, I got myself a set of Pulstar he1ht plugs and had them installed by a technician at the Harley-Davidson Dealership in Naples, FL. When I picked up my bike, I was still very concerned and the first question to the technician was if he had experienced any trouble during the installation or noticed any unusual noise. “I noticed immediately that the engine is now running much smoother than with the original plugs. This is really interesting! Let me know how it goes,” he responded.

When I got on my bike, wow, what a difference! Yeah, the technician was right! From the very first moment I started the engine, I felt and heard a big difference. Less vibrations and a smoother running engine! That was great! But now, let’s check if there is any difference in performance. What I experienced during the first few miles was just mind-blowing. Acceleration has always been great and fully satisfactory, but with Pulstar, it even kicked it up a notch! Oh my god, what a feeling! The slightest movement on the throttle, and it would react immediately and without any delay! It just wants you to go and go further and further. Folks, this is really dangerous for riders without good discipline. You need to push yourself really hard and get back to regular driving habits if you don’t want to get into trouble with the people dressed in black uniforms.

Now, I love my VROD even more and would never ever exchange the Pulstar plugs for any other technology again. Thanks so much to my friend and the genius inventor of this great technology!

Smoother running V Twin and noticeably less vibrations

I’ve got word that the Pulstar plugs are being tested on the Azman’s Chief & he reports that he could feel the improvements right off.. I’ll be in touch ASAP upon receiving his info.

As well, I’ve had my 1st run with the Pulstar’s on my own Chief ,…19 bikes, 115 miles each way & many start stops plus head winds & cross winds. I got 45 mpg (imperial) /38 mpg (US) & I never saw another ride at the pumps (only 9 bikes then) take less fuel than I did. A friend with a 900 Honda (almost 1/2 the displacement of the Chief PP 100) took $0.70 more than I so I’m quite happy with the mileage.

I have a smoother running V Twin for sure & noticeably less vibrations over 70 mph. If you recall Michelle Rock also reported this.

I’ll keep in touch.


I have soooo much more throttle response and torque, its unbelievable.

I put the plugs in my 1985 Harley with a bone stock engine except for the carb which I have had for years, and man, these puppies are HOT!!

I have soooo much more throttle response and torque, its unbelievable. I believe, although I don’t actually check this accurately, I get way more miles out of a tank of gas than I did before. When tooling along the slab at 70, it is so easy to pass a car and quick also, the increase in response, horsepower, and torque at that speed was never there before I put in these plugs.

I wanted to wait til I had many miles on the bike with these puppies before I gave you a report. Man, why don’t you market these to bikers. We are always trying to squeak more power out of our bikes. Sorry for going on about this. Thanks for the plugs and thanks for making my old, stock bike perform like a young souped up kid.

John Fruehling

The stumble is gone and acceleration is much better

From the day I purchased my 2005 300C it has stumbled during full throttle acceleration at every shift points. At 130,000 miles I just installed Pulstar plugs and found that the stumble is gone and acceleration is much better. I only have 130 miles so I haven’t checked the mileage yet, but expect it to improve.

Richard F. Koch

The car roared back to life

I installed 6 Pulstar dg1h plugs in my 2006 Nissan 350Z . The car roared back to life. I had 38,000 miles running ngk R’s and wanted a performance plug to go with the other mod’s on car. I have berk high flow cats, Bassani dual exhaust, K&N typhoon intake , Royal Purple oils, Lucas super coolant and Pulstar Spark Plugs. I am so pleased with your product that I’m requesting posters and decals for the Man Cave. I would like for all that enter my garage know i support your fine product. Kudos and keep up the great work.

Marty Cain