Pulstar Passes With Flying Colors

Independent testing and research have verified that Pulstar® spark plugs increase engine performance through improved fuel burn. But, there's no need to take our word for it! Let's look at the numbers…

Dyno Testing

Dyno (dynamometer) testing is the industry standard method for gauging engine performance. Dyno testing of automobile engines using stock vs. Pulstar® spark plugs has repeatedly shown Pulstar boosting engine performance. Improvements in horsepower, torque and mileage have been demonstrated in a wide variety of vehicles, from compacts to SUVs to racecars.


We conduct extensive research, development, and testing with highly regarded third party facilities. The following are peer-reviewed articles that reinforce the benefit claims of Pulstar spark plugs with research conducted by our president and Chief Technology Officer, Lou Camilli, and other reputable individuals in the fields of internal combustion ignition and pulsed power technology.

Lab Testing

Engine performance is improved by increasing downward force on the piston. This is accomplished by burning fuel to create expanding gases within a very limited timeframe. Independent tests conducted at highly-regarded certified laboratories have verified Pulstar’s® ability to ignite fuel immediately and burn it rapidly, thus increasing the amount of force on the piston.

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