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Lou Camilli

Interim CEO, Chief Technology Officer, President, and Founder


Lou Camilli is the developer/patent holder of the Pulstar® technology and founder of Enerpulse Technologies, Inc. He currently serves as interim CEO, president and chief technology officer for Enerpulse.

The former major league baseball player has earned success in several industries. In 1969 Camilli was drafted by the Cleveland Indians, playing as an infielder for the next four years. During this time he volunteered for the baseball commissioner’s drug awareness task force. His work educating against the dangers of drugs eventually earned him the title of Ambassador of Goodwill from the Governor of Oklahoma.

Following his successful baseball career, Camilli built historically accurate long and hand guns from the Mountain Man time period at his store, the Frontier Gun Shop. Camilli’s authentic to detail reproductions became popular among enthusiasts; he received requests from notable customers such as American rodeo performer and film and television actor Slim Pickens and musical comedian Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers. His replicas can also be found in the Kit Carson Museum in Montana and a few other notable museums around the world.

After spending two years as a syndicate manager for the Sage Group in Houston, Texas, Camilli moved to New Mexico in 1986 to work as a consultant for private industry to Sandia National Laboratories where he helped bring their technologies into the private sector. While working with the team of the Ultra High Power Electrodynamics department, Camilli was introduced to pulsed power and immediately fell in love with the potential of this technology.

In 1988, after two years working with pulsed power technology, Camilli was hired to complete an evaluation for a company trying to build a capacitor to use pulsed power inside a spark plug. He eventually bought the company in 1989 and named it Hard Discharge Ignition Systems ABQ. Unable to find the critical insulating material for his pulsed power capacitor, Camilli partnered with BP Amoco Polymers and eventually created XYDAR-X, a polymer able to withstand the unique requirements of pulsed power in an under hood application. XYDAR-X allowed Camilli and the Sandia National Laboratories to work together to create a pulsed power capacitor. Finally, in 1992 the first pulsed power capacitor for use in internal combustion engines was built and commercialized under the trade name DirectHits®. Sandia became the first customer to purchase this technology for use in their Z machine.

Camilli continued to refine his pulsed power capacitor, designing it to fit within the confines of conventional spark plugs. In 1999, the first patent was filed for the high power spark plug and in 2002 Sandia National Labs’ Ceramics Department helped produce proof of concept prototypes, allowing the first commercial pulse plug to enter the market. In 2004, Camilli formed the company Enerpulse, Inc. and continued to develop and refine pulsed power for automotive ignition. He released Pulstar Pulse Plugs, the first ever plug to use pulsed power technology to replace commodity spark plugs.

Camilli holds a B.A. degree in mathematics from Texas A&M University and an honorary doctorate from the Mexican Ecological Movement for air quality work conducted in Mexico City using Pulstar technology.

Bryan Templeton

Chief Financial Officer


Bryan Templeton is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Enerpulse, Inc and serves as a corporate officer. Mr. Templeton has held this position since June, 2007. Prior to his time at Enerpulse, Inc., he served in various capacities from January, 2001 to October, 2006 for Sandia Foods, a franchise restaurant operator in the Southwest U.S., where he provided financial and operational support for over 60 restaurant operating managers throughout the Southwest.From 1985 to 2001, he worked at Mobil Oil where he held accounting and financials staff positions as well as supervisory positions. None of the aforementioned companies are a parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the Company, except for Enerpulse, Inc. Mr. Templeton earned a BBA in Finance from Baylor University in 1984 and an MBA in Finance from the University of North Texas in 1992.

Steve Smith

Vice President of Operations


Steve Smith is the vice president of manufacturing and operations for Enerpulse, Inc., manufacturers of Pulstar® Pulse Plugs. Smith has been with Enerpulse since 2009. He’s responsible for planning, sourcing and building products to support sales orders and the company’s quality planning and continuous improvement programs. He also leads new product design and development activities.Smith has extensive experience in general management, product and process engineering development, quality planning and continuous improvement. He began his career working for the AC Spark Plug division of General Motors as a co-op engineering student, and later was promoted to the position of senior production engineer. Following his work at AC Spark, Smith held senior level positions at Flexible Products, a Tier II automotive supplier, and Auburn Spark Plug where, as president and general manager, he helped transform the company from a screw machine parts and automotive spark plug producer to an industrial and aviation ignition products company – growing revenues from $1.6 million to $12.5 million.Smith earned a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering degree from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).

Stephen Marino

Senior Program Manager

Stephen Marino currently serves as Enerpulse’s Senior Program Manager. Using his diverse technical background Marino leads new product design and development activities, prioritizes and executes technology objectives, manages the engineering and development team, designs and builds the manufacturing and laboratory equipment and develops and oversees testing procedures. As a member of the management team Marino works with all departments to help drive cross-functional business initiatives. Marino has over thirty years of experience in the automotive industry. In his tenure as owner and chief technology officer of Adirondack Performance Engineering he managed several new product development projects assisting multiple fortune 500 companies and others with hardware and software design, mechanical design, component specification and procurement and the development of manufacturing processes.

Heather Tausch

Director of Marketing and Communications


Heather Tausch, Director of Marketing and Communications, has over 10 years of experience in marketing, PR and sales. Most recently she provided marketing for Sun Healthcare Group, and in 2010 she helped launch the Albuquerque LivingSocial website. Tausch recently served as the CMO for the New Mexico American Marketing Association and was nominated to New Mexico Technology Council’s Women in Technology and Albuquerque Business First’s Top 40 Professionals Under 40.

Al Unser Jr

Two-time Indy 500 Winner & Pulstar Performance Expert


Racing legend Al Unser Jr. serves as Pulstar’s Performance Expert. He acts a consumer advocate for Enerpulse, ensuring the company delivers improved vehicle power and performance to automotive enthusiasts. Unser Jr. is a two-time winner of the prestigious Indianapolis 500, and a two-time IndyCar Series champion with 34 IndyCar wins. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2009.