Improvement in Lean Homogeneous Spark-Ignition Combustion with Pulsed Energy Spark Plug

Paper Number: ICEF2012-92165 Published: September 2012 Authors & Affiliations: Timothy J. Jacobs Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Louis J. Camilli, Joseph E. Gonnella Enerpulse, Inc., Albuquerque, NM A study was conducted using combustion bomb equipment and protocols in a controlled laboratory setting to evaluate the pulsed energy spark plug. Test data shows that pulsed energy plugs deliver a significantly improved spark event creating an enhanced flame kernel with a more consistent combustion process compared to traditional spark plugs. In addition to functioning well in stoichiometric air-fuel mixtures, the pulse energy plug performed better than conventional spark plugs in lean air-fuel mixtures. These findings clearly demonstrate that a Pulstar spark plugs produce a better spark event which results in improved combustion of normal and harder to ignite fuel mixtures.