Automotive Ignition Transfer Efficiency

Paper Number: 02FFL-204 Published: October 2002 Authors & Affiliations: G. J. Rohwein UHp, Inc. Louis J. Camilli Combustion Technology Products Corp. This paper studies an innovative automotive technology, peaking capacitors in the high voltage circuit of the ignition system; which are used in conjunction with automotive spark plugs. The findings in this paper came from research and testing in a controlled laboratory setting. The data show that peaking capacitors produced a larger spark, and a larger than normal flame kernel which results in improved combustion more consistently, increased torque, and improved fuel economy. There is evidence that exhaust emissions can be also be reduced. These findings clearly demonstrate that a peaking capacitor like the ones that are found in Pulstar spark plugs produce a bigger spark; improving combustion, increasing torque, and improving fuel economy.