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Reduced CoV of IMEP

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Pulstar Spark Plugs have shown combustion improvement in average engines. Atmos Energy, a natural gas compression company, tested the effect of Pulstar Spark Plugs on large diameter (over 12”) cylinder engines. Conducted on a Clark TLAD-8 3,200 horsepower integral compression reciprocating engine, Pulstar Spark Plugs showed noticeable cycle-to-cycle combustion consistency.

Data was gathered by getting the engine to operating temperature and then gathering baseline test data of peak combustion pressure of one cylinder for eight cycles. Next, the engine was shut down and the conventional spark plugs were replaced with the appropriate Pulstar Spark Plugs. The engine was then restarted and peak compression pressure recorded for another eight cycles. Each cycle is represented by a colored trace. Pulstar Spark Plugs noticeably increase peak pressure consistency relative to the peak pressure produces by the conventional Spark Plug. The measured improvement in precise ignition results in a 50% reduction in CoV of IMEP; the average peak pressure is higher for the Pulstar Spark Plug as well, which results in greater torque produced from the same amount of fuel.