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Tests conducted at one of the US’s largest certified independent research and development institute (undisclosed due to non-disclosure agreement) visibly captured the non-equilibrium plasma zone created by Pulstar. Using Schlierin photography in a quiescent pressure vessel, the institute captured the instant the resistance in the spark plug gap was overcome and a spark produced. These images are single frames taken from the 64,000/ fps video; they compare the spark of a conventional premium fine wire iridium spark plug to the discharge of Pulstar’s embedded capacitor taken at the identical cycle time. This test captured Pulstar’s intense electrical discharge successfully producing a plasma field.

Additionally, testing conducted at this well-known independent third-party lab proves Pulstar spark plugs burn the fuel mixture at a significantly accelerated rate when compared to the premium iridium fine-wire plugs of the world’s top two leading spark plug manufacturers.

The spark from a spark plug can only impact the first 2-5% of the combustion process. This is called the 5% Mass Fractional Burn (MFB). In independent third-party testing, Pulstar with PlasmaCore’s 5% MFB was measured against the leading brand’s premium iridium spark plug in a quiescent cylinder. The flame kernel area growth measured by pixels shows the flame growth at 500 microseconds (0.5 milliseconds) for the Pulstar with PlasmaCore spark plug at 200 pixels while the premium iridium spark plug is only about 50 pixels. At 2,750 microseconds (2.75 milliseconds), the Pulstar flame kernel comprises 600 pixels compared to the iridium spark plugs 90. At 0.5 milliseconds the Pulstar with PlasmaCore spark plug’s flame kernel is 4 times the size of the leading brand’s premium iridium spark plug; and its burn rate is accelerated, increasing to 6.7 times larger at 2.75 milliseconds.


These results not only reflect the Pulstar’s capacity to burn more of the fuel quickly; they also show its ability to ignite a lean 18:1 air-fuel mixture and burn it at an accelerated rate – improving MPG.

Additional tests conducted at this labratory compares the flame propagation rate of the Pulstar with PlasmaCore a different leading brand’s premium iridium spark plug. Again, the flame propagation rate of Pulstar is significantly faster at 63%. The below pictures show the Pulstar flame kernel is clearly larger at 13,707 microseconds (0.013 milliseconds) and 33,187 microseconds (0.033 milliseconds) than the leading brand’s premium fine-wire iridium spark plug.


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