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Engine performance is improved by increasing downward force on the piston. this is accomplished by burning fuel to create expanding gases within a very limited time-frame. Several independent tests conducted at various highly-regarded certified laboratories have verified Pulstar’s ability to ignite fuel immediately and burn it rapidly; thus increasing the amount of force on the piston.

Reduced CoV of IMEP

Pulstar Spark Plugs have shown combustion improvement in average engines. Atmos Energy, a natural gas compression company, tested the effect of Pulstar Spark Plugs on large diameter (over 12”) cylinder engines. Conducted…

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Faster Burn

AVL is an Austrian-based automotive consulting firm and independent research institute. They are well known in the automotive industry and among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Captured by AVL using a process known…

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Existence of Plasma

Tests conducted at one of the US’s largest certified independent research and development institute (undisclosed due to non-disclosure agreement) visibly captured the non-equilibrium plasma zone created by Pulstar. Using Schlierin photography in…

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