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Al Unser Jr. , nicknamed “Little Al”, is a retired American race car driver. He has won the Indianapolis 500 twice, CART championship twice, IROC championship twice and many more.

Born into a family of IndyCar nobility and raised to uphold a racing legacy, Al Unser Jr has spent his whole life learning about engine performance. The Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee began working with the Pulstar Spark Plug line in June of 2014. Prior to joining the company, he tested Pulstar on his 2011 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ. On average, Pulstar added 5 feet.-lbs. of torque and 5 horsepower. “I immediately noticed the difference: better acceleration, better mileage, and better drivability.”

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Al Unser Jr now works with Enerpulse Technologies as the Pulstar Performance expert, acting as an adviser to the company on all things racing. In early July of 2014, Al Unser Jr and President and Chief Technology Officer for Enerpulse Lou Camilli were interviewed by Motor Medics Russ and Shannon from the Under Hood radio show to learn more about Al Jr’s involvement with Pulstar Spark Pugs. Airing on stations across America, Under The Hood is a car talk show that discusses repair and advice to help you understand your vehicle.

Notable Stats

  • Tied 7th in All-time races won
  • Member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America®
  • ABC’s Wide World of Sports® Athlete of the Year
  • Two-time Indianapolis 500® winner
  • Super V® Title
  • Can-Am® Title
  • Two-time IROC® Championship winner
  • Two-time 24 Hours of Daytona® winner
  • Two-time CART® Championship winner
  • Two-time IRL® Overall Points Champion winner
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